Darn Tough Run/Bike Sock

July 9, 2013

Trail Runs


Ready for comfort? Tired of hurting feet? Well look no further than the Run/Bike sock from Darn Tough. It is made from Merino Wool and comes with a lifetime guarantee. The sock has no show cushion on that bottom of your foot that comforts your foot on your long runs. It is very comfortable on the foot, it is very soft and offers a good amount of extra cushioning. The good thing about the sock is that it is moisture wicking, that means the Merino wool pulls the moisture from your skin to keep your feet dry. Another plus about the Merino wool is that it naturally repels odor and bacteria, so you don’t have to worry about stinky feet when you take your socks off.

It comes complete with fine gauge knitting which means the sock has a high stitch count which ensures a secure foot. I know running in cotton socks is a pain because they don’t hug the foot and they move every which way. But these socks stay close to the foot for a comfortable run.

The socks are very breathable and are not irritating to the foot. The only part I do not like about the sock is the band at the very top of the sock where your foot enters has a high piece of fabric right at the flexing and bending point of your ankle. When you move your foot up towards the sky the fabric bunches and feels tight against the skin. It might just be my foot but I am trying to be completely honest.

The sock also does not cover the ankle bone so if your tend to hit your ankles you might want to upgrade to a mid ankle sock. So overall a good sock, that is due to last the miles that you can throw at it!

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