Guest Opinion on Salomon Synapse

February 23, 2013

Trail Runs

Here I am ! I told you I’d give a report from my trip in the Pyrenees, here it is, and it might interess Ed too ;-)

First of all, the Synapse have an huge traction ! Sometimes too much : if you forget to rise your feet above roots for example, be carefull !!! You’ll be stop in the second ! I tested it on rocks of various angle, dry or wet : I never had better traction with other shoes ! That’s simple : during all my trip, I had never slide on the trail !

Other thing that make me reconcile with Salomon : they fit well. For a few years, I’ve become to dislike Salomon shoes because they fit to tight for my feet. Not these, wich are really confortable : when other put their shoes off during a break, you just have to loosen your Synapse and you’re so fine !

Durability : I did only something around 150 km with mine, but almost on very bad rocky trail. They’re like brand new !

Trail running use : after my walking days, I liked going for a little jog on the tracks. Too good ! My longest one with the Synapse is 1 hour, and it was just fine. They’re light shoes (when I saw them the first time, I have thought they were really clean, simple). But you won’t find the same support than with a more specific shoe like the XT Wing. So I’d say than running with these shoes is not for beginners or people with weak ankles !

In conclusion, I love these shoes. The Synapse is and will be my hiking shoe for a long time ! It has all what I’m looking for.

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