OOfos OOriginal Thong Review

August 16, 2012

Oofos, Recovery

Tired of wearing “recovery” shoes that don’t seem to help you actually feel better and recover? We were too so we decided to test out the OOFOS OOriginal Thong, the revolutionary thong that provides instant relief and comfort. At first I was a but skeptical, I had heard about so many recovery shoes that I didn’t know what to believe anymore. I had been walking around the Outdoor Retailer hours and I had finally come up to the OOFOS booth with a hurting back. Let me tell you, as soon as I put these Thongs on my back started to feel better and I actually felt comfortable for the first time all day.

The secret to this amazing comfort is the OOfoam which absorbs impact 37% more than regular EVA. To prove this they dropped a golf ball onto a slab of Eva and onto a slab of the OOfoam. The golf ball bounce right back up when it hit the EVA, but when it hit the OOfoam it barely left the ground. This simple but effective demonstration helped me understand how much better their material was than of regular recovery shoes.

For the rest of the day I wore these around and felt great, no issues and no pain just pure happiness. I am not usually a person who likes any material going between my toes but with the OOfos Thongs the entire thong its self is actually all one piece so there is not abrasive fabric that goes between you toes, it is just the OOfoam gently hugging your foot.

The OOfos Thongs actually have less OOfoam in the heel and more in the midfoot. This means that you will actually be landing more on your midfoot than on your heel which means less impact and less shock. Whenever you hear forward roll your like “yeah right” but these thongs allow you to smoothly roll forward. Another great aspect about these Thongs is that they have arch support, so if you are spending long hours on your feet you can count on these to keep your arch’s up and ready to go.

Most thongs after time tend to compress and loose all their comfort, with the OOfos Thong it is the exact opposite. These thongs actually tend to last longer than most others and barely compress overtime. So all you are worrying about is recovering and relaxing. Most runners have a small bag that allows them to stow extra gear, shoes, etc. Well these Thongs are light enough to place in your bag and barely take up any space, so if you are heading to a race and can only have a small drop bag these will fit in it for sure.

I really love these thongs and I feel that they truly do make a difference in your life. If you are looking for a recovery thong or something comfortable to walk around in, the OOfos OOriginal Thong is for you. I will be selling these in the near future so stay tuned! Have a wonderful day everyone!!

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