New Balance Minimus Amp (MT1010) Review

August 13, 2012

New Balance, Trail Shoes

Introducing the Minimus Amp MT1010 from New Balance, a shoe with a reasonable amount of cushioning as well as great flexibility and protection. This shoe has a more familiar midsole height to most people transferring from their regular running shoe down to something more minimal. The MT1010 offers a good amount of cushioning which is good for people who can’t run in a shoe with little to no cushioning. Having cushioning doesn’t mean that you have to have a heavy shoe, thanks to the REVlite Midsole it keeps the shoe lightweight and offers superior cushioning which disperses impact forces.

Personally I liked this shoe more than the MT10 because it had more cushioning, I really liked the fit of the other but this shoe ensnared me with the lightweight cushioning that it offered. One thing the MT10 didn’t have was a rock plate, this shoe has come equipped with a rock plate extending from the midfoot all the way through the forefoot to protect your feet from rocks that would usually penetrate straight into your foot. This rock plate is actually very flexible, you can almost bend the shoe in half but it still protects your feet very well.

The MT1010 also has heat welded seams which allows for a super comfortable fit, which means no rubbing and it also cuts down on the weight and offers great support. It keeps your foot in place which is good for technical terrain and is very important because the seams won’t start to fray like they did on my MT10’s. The interior of the shoe is designed to feel better when you run barefoot, but personally I would run with a sock on just in case some debris gets into your shoe. The inside is actually very comfortable and if you do chose to wear it barefoot you will love it.

The fabric on the upper is synthetic/mesh which makes it great for summer time because it allows it to breath while keeping the shoe lightweight. The fabric is also quick-dry fabric which means that if you get water on your shoes by accident it won’t take the whole day to dry off.

The outsole is very impressive and offers bi-directional lugs throughout the shoe. In the heel area you have lugs facing the opposite way for excellent braking capabilities and in the forefoot you have the traction facing the correct way for great gripping power for lose terrain and for climbing up step ascents. The outsole if a Vibram outsole which means that it will last long and will keep the shoe lightweight. The only problem with the outsole is that under the arch are three big lugs made completely out of pure EVA, after a few tests runs it started wearing and was getting cut up by rocks. But other than that I felt while I ran around near Jupiter Peak that these shoes could handle anything you throw at them.

While up at Jupiter Peak I was running over sharp/pointy rocks and these shoe protected my feet very well. They gripped the terrain very well and worked well on all sorts of terrain, for example packed dirt, gravel, loose rock, pointy/sharp rocks and grass/dirt to name a few. I also tried running down a really steep ascent full of loose rock, crumbling rocks and loose dirt and I felt very confident coming down the mountain and was able to run back up without slipping because the traction worked so great!

Without a doubt these have become my favorite shoes so far and they work far better than I could have ever imagined. I hope that if you ever decide to try them that you will experience the same feeling I did! Have a wonderful day!



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3 Comments on “New Balance Minimus Amp (MT1010) Review”

  1. Alex Bridgeforth (@alexbridgeforth) Says:

    How are they compared to either: The Salomon S-Lab Sense, Saucony Kinvara TR, Merrell Mix Master?


    • pctrailrunner Says:

      If I am correct the Sense is much lighter, will wear faster, and has a tighter and formed fit. The Saucony Kinvara TR seems to have better traction and tends to wear slower. It seems the traction is more aggressive on the TR as well. They have knob like lugs that stick into the ground. I have not tried the other sorry! Hope this helps!


      • Mike Whitenton (@mikewhitenton) Says:

        Thanks for the helpful review, but perhaps even more thanks for the helpful comment about the Salomon Sense. That’s my gold standard trail shoe, but it wore too fast and the lugs started coming off after 40 miles (granted, all those miles came in one run, but still). So I returned them. I’ve got the MT1010s on my feet as I write this. 🙂

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