Spenco PolySorb Total Support Yumi Sandals Review

August 11, 2012


Are you tired of wearing flip flops that offer no support and end up making your feet hurt? So were we, so we decided to test out the Spenco PolySorb Total Support Yumi Sandals. They are the only sandals with proven contours of the Spenco Total Support Insole. Now you can enjoy the comfort of a sandal while enjoying the support and stability of their best selling insole.

The sandal is perfect for after sport, training or just relaxing indoors or out. These sandals also are designed with orthotic-quality arch and heel support, and superior impact cushioning and motion control which helps reduce pronation and supination.

When I first slipped on these sandals the strap that went in between my toes started to irritate me and it felt uncomfortable. But after a few times wearing them it no longer irritated me and the sandals turned out to be great! I wear them all the time and they are very comfortable. I have very bad arch’s and they tend to collapse and hurt, but no doubt these sandals helped keep them up and keep them comfortable.

Every aspect of this sandal is made for comfort, especially the upper that holds the shoe to your foot. It is very soft and comfortable and once you get used to it, the toe piece is actually very comfortable. These sandals don’t soak up water either so they are perfect if you get water on them by accident. Another great thing about them is that they barely take up any space so you can stow them in your running bag or carry on with room to spare other items that you might need.

If you have tried their insoles you know that they work, ever since I started having problems I started using their insoles in my shoes and I am even more excited that they offer a sandal. It allows my feet to be constantly supported and comfortable off the trails and around town. If you have tried their insoles make sure you pick up a pair of these, it is well worth it!

If you have feet problems but still want to wear sandals give these a try, I am sure they will work for you as they did for me. Keep your eyes open for more reviews of the Spenco Medical insoles and of course their sandals/footwear.

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