Park City Mini Trail Series 15k

August 6, 2012

Trail Runs

R-U-N? Events


Hello everyone! This Saturday instead of a group run we are going to do the PC MTS 15k trail race. If you don’t want to sign up that’s alright but for those of you who want to test your skills and get out on the trails with other runners, this is the place to do it. Its a pretty decent course and is fairly flat with some climbs and descents. There are air stations every 1.5miles stocked with water and nice volunteers. Also in the history of this race no one has ever gotten lost, so if you are worried about that do be because the course is well marked!

Instead of a t-shirt they have their signature print glasses as your prize and they also have fun things going on before and after the races! I remember last year they had a massage booth and you could also demo a pair of shoes! So why not make this Saturday’s group run into a fun filled race?

If you are interested in checking out the site click here. If you want to spice up your group run experience and enjoy running the trails with others and want to register for the 15k click here!!


Hope to see you there! 🙂

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