Jupiter Peak Steeplechase

August 5, 2012

Trail Updates

Yesterday in the sunny city of Park City we had a tough race called the Jupiter Peak Steeplechase. It involves running up 3,000ft to the top of Jupiter Peak and racing back down to the finish to complete a 15 mile course spread throughout our Park City Mountains! It is a brutal course full of climbing and scrambling but these tough competitors took to the trails to test their skills.


Top 10 Men:

1. Robert Krar 1:44:41

2. Ryan Woods 1:55:05

3. Michael Wilson 1:55:30

4. Tom Diegel 1:57:03

5. Dave Mackey 1:59:20

6. David Olson 2:01:40

7. Ted Russell 2:01:42

8. Dominick Layfield 2:02:18

9. Kevin Tuck 2:02:19

10. Karl Meltzer 2:02:52

Top 10 Women:

1. Megan Kimmel 2:07:42

2. Susan Minneci 2:08:38

3. Ashley Arnold 2:10:41

4. Alison Bryant 2:12:58

5. Emily Sullivan 2:24:27

6. Rachel Cieslewicz 2:26:26

7. Christina Bauer 2:27:18

8. Holly Merrimin 2:28:06

9. Kristen Munson 2:28:17

10. Gillian Gorelik 2:32:39
These runners above did excellent not doubt, but the others who also finished this race deserve a huge round of applause for their hard work and drive! They all did spectacular and they all deserve to rest for a few days! If you even get the chance, run this race! Its worth it!



I would also like to mention that a 13 year old boy named Julian took on this beast of a race and finished 106th overall with a time of 2:52:31! What an amazing kid, looks like he is born for the trails! Good job Julian, all of us are super impressed with your amazing accomplishment! Good luck in all your other trail races, we hope to see you at other races soon!


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