Pearl Izumi Sneak Peak

August 3, 2012

Pearl Izumi

Today we met with a wonderful Sales Rep from Pearl Izumi and got to see some amazing shoes coming up in their line. These shoes won’t be available for awhile so I couldn’t take any pictures but I was allowed to share with you some of their amazing features. I hope you enjoy hearing about these shoes as much as I did.


Neutral Race

Men’s EM Trail N 1

Note: The number Capital N stands for neutral and the number 1 stands for on a scale of 1-3 how much cushioning there is.

These shoes are unlike anything Pearl Izumi has created, and are often described as the purist’s dream shoe. This shoe is built to deliver the ultimate smooth flowing responsive ride, thanks to midsole which is specifically designed for a smooth heel to toe transition. You can strike any way and these shoes will help you maximize your running experience.

The Trail N 1 offers great trail feel and excellent traction which offers enough protection to protect you from sharp rocks. It also has enough cushioning for you to really open up on the down hills.

This shoe features a seamless upper which creates a comfortable and lightweight upper that will conform to your foot in technical terrain. It also has a bonded seamless upper toe cap which protects your feet from rocks and other trails debris and obstacles. The perforated SBR tongue foam absolutely does not absorb water which means excellent comfort and breathability.

The  dynamic offset-shaped E: motion midsole features their most minimalist-level trail running platform. The outsole is really rugged and aggressive and offers multi-directional lugs to ensure perfect traction. The outsole is made out of Carbon Rubber which allows for no slipping and is abrasion resistant.

Finally, the shoe offers a forefoot rock plate which protects your foot from stones and sharp rocks. This shoe has something called Dynamic Offset which means that when the shoe is at initial contact the drop is 1mm and is at 4.5 at mid stance. These shoes way 9.6 oz for a size 9 and go from size 7-13 and 14.

This shoe is the same for the women’s but offers a women specific fit and the weight is 8.9oz and they go from size 5-11 and up to size 12.

Neutral Training

Men’s EM Trail N 2

Note: The number Capital N stands for neutral and the number 2 stands for on a scale of 1-3 how much cushioning there is.

This shoe is built to meet the demands of the worlds most difficult trail races and ultras. The Trail N 2 gives your superb traction and protection from rocks and roots, but it also offers you a smooth fluid ride which will keep you flowing over miles and miles of the roughest trails.

Pearl Izumi Specializes in seamless uppers and that is exactly what you can expect from this shoe, that means excellent fit without the rubbing. Once again this shoe has a perforated SBR tongue foam which doesn’t absorb water, so you can enjoy a comfortable run. The biomechanically tuned dynamic offset-shaped E: motion midsole for a neutral to supinator running gait. The 1:1 energy foam cushions your forefoot upon impact and returns the energy so you can have a fluid ride and also some extra return to keep you moving forward.

This shoe has a built in rock plate to block rocks from penetrating the shoe and bruising your foot. The aggressive, multi-directional traction makes some of the slipperiest trails look easy and offers great traction for all sorts of terrain you may encounter. When you first strike you are at 4mm drop which then changes at mid-stance to 7.5mm, this is called Dynamic Offset. A size 9 is 9.9oz and they are sold from size 7-13 in 1/2 sizes and the also offer a size 14.

The only differences in the Women’s shoe is that they are 9.2oz and go from a size 5-12 and are built specifically for women.

Hope all of you are excited for these shoes as much as I am! I hope you enjoyed this sneak preview!




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