Speedgoat 50k Results

August 1, 2012

Trail Updates

Last weekend up at Snowbird was the Speedgoat 50k, a tough race with some amazing runners. It wasn’t just the local crowd this year, we had international athletes like Kilian Jornet, Anna Frost and Thomas Lorblanchet to name a few. It was a race full of passion and drive and there were at least 6 people who broke the course record! It was a truly amazing race and it proved to be a heck of a field!



1st. Kilian Jornet (Salomon) – 5:14:10
2nd. Rickey Gates (Salomon) – 5:18:27
3rd. Max King (Montrail) – 5:23:10
4th. Anton Krupicka (New Balance) – 5:23:36
5th. Thomas Lorblanchet (Salomon) – 5:38:51
6th. Philipp Reiter (Salomon) – 5:40:11
7th. Jason Schlarb (Hoka One One) – 5:44:26
8th. Dylan Bowman (Pearl Izumi) – 5:47:39
9th. Jason Loutitt (The North Face) – 5:49:10
10th. Nick Clark (Pearl Izumi) – 5:53:20


1st. Anna Frost (Salomon) – 6:26:23
2nd. Kerrie Bruxvoort (Salomon) 6:56:33
3rd. Sarah Evans – 6:58:51
4th. Emily Sullivan – 7:10:03
5th. Denise Bourassa (Patagonia) – 7:31:54
6th. Silke Koester – 7:31:59
7th. Jennifer Benna – 7:34:07
8th. Mindy Campbell – 7:45:13
9th. Gina Lucrezi – 7:48:56
10th. Missy Gosney – 7:51:17

The first male runner to the top of the hill to win the prize money was Rickey Gates and the first female runner to the top for the prize money was Anna Frost! What amazing runners, they truly are spectacular!


During the race many people saw Kilian cut corners, it is allowed in Europe but in we don’t allow that here. Kilian still gets the Skyrunning points but he does not receive the course record or the prize money. This has gone to the second place winner Rickey Gates. Kilian is an amazing athlete and wasn’t trying to cheat he just didn’t understand.

Below is a statement from the International Skyrunning Federation President Marino Giacometti.

“It’s taken a while for us to get all the feedback together but here goes:

The ISF board  conferred with the new Athletes Commission, ATRA and the organiser, Karl Meltzer and we came to the following decision:

Everyone concurs that runners must stay on the course.  However, as things stand, only guidelines exist in America. In this case there was no written regulation at Speedgoat – something Karl says he will include in the future.

On Kilian’s own admission he cut the course and ran by skyrunning rules. It seems that possibly some of the other runners did the same.

As a race on the World Series calendar, ISF rules state that organisers’ rules must be adhered to and in the case of a dispute ISF rules will prevail.

We respect the organiser’s difficult decision and will apply a 3 minute penalty* to Kilian which means he maintains first place in the race and consequently 100 points for the UltraSeries ranking. *Penalty (6.15 COMPETITOR’S RACE CONDUCT – a) Competitors must follow the course markings on sight, go through all the checkpoints…..) and (6.16.1 A penalty from three minutes to disqualification will be applied for: c) Not following the race course signage, voluntarily or otherwise…

We believe that it’s correct to assign the record to the second runner (Rickey) who ran the designated course. Whether Kilian gets the prize or not is exclusively up to the organiser and we already know that decision.

I’d like to add that the majority of skyrunning races worldwide (not just in Europe) take place in parks or protected areas and generally are capped for this reason – as well as for safety reasons of course.  (The ISF rules (4.22)  and (3.13) address  these environmental issues).

Regarding the Pikes Peak precedent in 2004, the situation was different. The rules there state clearly no switchback cutting. The winner, Agustì Roc, was disqualified and given a 20 minute penalty which meant he dropped some places and received the relevant points for his final position.

Everyone we consulted agreed that there’s a need in the future for race organizers to publish clear, simple and written regulations and, with the new Athletes Commission, we’ll be reviewing ours as well!! A pre-race briefing should also be held to illustrate the regulations and the course to all the competitors. We’re actually working on standardizing this for all organizers, so it should be easier for everyone all round. Certainly, it’s not easy to find a compromise but “rules are rules” and, as Anna Frost says “let’s keep it simple”!

– Marino




Thomas Finishing 5th

Anton, Finishing 4th

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