Sunday, July 29,2012 7:30 am

July 28, 2012

Trail Runs

Since we are all either tapering or recovering…..lets go flat, cool and in trees, just a bit of climbing ….about 5 easy miles….1:10 hrs. apx

Meet 7:30 am Lower Deer Valley, Snow Park Lodge …..lower #1 lot (across from funicular) 
We head up the ampitheater area 1/4 mile, left on to trail below big stick, u turn back down under funicular to Solamere Loop. Run Solamere Loop including the little peaklet, regroup there where we all catch up and take killer pictures, finish Solamere counterclockwise, exit to Queen Esther at the Deer Crest gate, easy road work back to cars. 
Those wanting to go longer can then head up Tour De Homes for whatever! The rest of us can repose to Wasatch or Einstiens Bagel to tell stories.  Thank you Ed for leading this!

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