Salomon EXO Sensifit for Women

July 19, 2012


Over the past 8 months I have been wear testing the Womens pieces of the Salomon EXO line.  I started out this Winter with the long sleeve compression top and tights and can not say enough about the design and technology.  The snug fit of the compression design helps your muscles work more efficiently and you can feel that when you get tired and when your shoulders begin to slump you are forced to keep them back. The tights keep your quads and hamstrings from burning out too early.  I wore these pieces all winter as baselayers  This was all I needed to keep my muscles warm with the exception of those below zero mornings.  As Spring came about I was reluctant to give up my top but I soon learned that they manufactured a short sleeve version. The same compression qualities helped stabilize my shoulder muscles and by this time I was learning the importance of keeping my shoulders back which allowed me to breathe deeper with full lung capacity.  I wore this piece as well as the EXO-IV 3/4 tight in a 50k and after training in cool weather and feeling strong I wore both the EXO sensifit top and EXO-IV 3/4 tight to the start line -in black-and by 14 miles the temperatures rose above my training temperatures.  That being said, the EXO kept my muscles relaxed and ready to take on the rising temperatures and to my surprise I stayed comfortable.

I have transitioned from the full EXO tight to the 3/4 length tight, which still uses EXO Sensifit technology to support muscles and promote better circulation to improve performance and recovery. I have trained in these amazing tights for the last five months and I have noticed the value in keeping my quads fresh.  I have been able to take these legs out longer earlier in the season than I would have expected and have noticed that I fatigued less. I have been giving the EXO technology a strong 6 day a week test and just can not seem to find fault with the product line in my training both on and off the trail.  Matter of fact I will be using the top in a hot Marathon that I will be running in in less than a week.  Run Easier, Run Longer and Recover better!  Thank you Salomon. -Wendy


– Flatlock Seams

– Impact Branding

– Lightweight Waist Construction

– Waist Adjustment

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