Columbia LiteSpeed Backpack Review

July 13, 2012


Are you looking for a light weight backpack to take on a hike or go on a bike ride with? Well look no further than the Columbia LiteSpeed Backpack. This pack can hold enough gear for a day hike or a days worth of mountain biking, thanks to the inside cargo space for things like a lunch, extra clothing, GPS and other gear you might need. It also has a piece of mesh that acts as a spacer inside the main cargo space which can be used for putting maps or you can but a bladder there. All you have to do it run the bladder hose out the top opening (which is meant for the hose) and hook it to the strap and your ready to go! This pack also has an outside zippered pocket which can hold important items that you need easy access to. It also has a water bottle pocket on the right side on the pack if you do not put in a bladder. As you can see there is lots of space in this pack and there are plenty more amazing features!

We all know storms can come in very fast but what happens to your gear inside your pack if it is raining? Well thanks to Omni-Shield which is a advanced repellency fabric which keeps your gear dry. In addition to Omni-Shield the fabric is 20D ripstop which makes it resistant to tearing and ripping. This is very helpful if a branch catches your pack, it wont just rip like ordinary packs it will be rip free and will be ready to keep on going. The shoulder straps are lightweight and breathable and are designed to prevent your shoulders from getting sweaty and hot. The back layer of the backpack is made with three layers which makes the pack super comfortable to wear especially on long hikes or rides. This pack also includes a sternum strap which takes the load of your shoulders, and built into the buckle is a safety whistle for those emergency situations. Almost all packs have a safety whistle attached to them and if your pack doesn’t go pick one up, it could save your life!

I have hiked in this pack and I have to say I really love it! The only downside is if you have to heavy of a load the straps dig into you and it hurts, so it is best to make sure you pack it with all the gear you need but make sure it is not to heavy! That is the only problem I have had with the pack so far and I am pleased to say that it is one of my favorite hiking backpacks. Another great thing about this pack is that it can be folded down and put in your travel bag and barely takes up any space. This means that you can still bring all the things you need for your vacation and you can also bring your backpack too. So if you are looking with a lightweight backpack that offers plenty of features and room to store gear then go check out this pack online or at your local sporting goods store! If you have an questions or comments please do so below!

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