Saucony Kinvara 2 Review

July 12, 2012


Get ready to rip around town with these shoes on your next run! At a light 7.7oz these shoes offer the perfect amount of cushioning and comfort and still maintain a lightweight profile. The shoe perfectly hugs your foot and allows for perfect fit so you feet won’t be swimming around in your shoes. This shoe is also very breathable thanks to the synthetic/mesh upper which allows for a comfortable and supported fit along with excellent breathability. So the next time you go out for a run in the sweltering heat your feet will be cool and won’t be burning up like the rest of your body! I have always liked a good snug fitting shoe and when I first tried these out I was absolutely amazed and ran in them all the time. If you are someone who likes a snug fitting shoe then go by your local running shop and give these a try!
I remember the first few times I ran on these shoes and they all were great, but one thing that caught my eye was how fast the outsole was wearing. I have a friend who had tested these shoes too and he told me the same thing and was disappointed  because he loved the feel of the shoe. I hope that in the next Kinivara that the traction will be more durable. I do have to admit that the traction is very good on these shoes, I ran on a gravel trail and was happy to know that I could run on the gravel and road on these shoes without slipping and hurting myself. The lugs are perfect and offer great gripping power on the road which means no slipping, but if you tried to run these on the trails like so many others you might find that the traction wouldn’t be good enough and that the protection from rocks would be okay but not great.
If you do buy these shoes and decide to run in them please do not over do it!! You will hurt yourself if you do not know how to run in them properly, proper running form for these shoes would be more of a midfoot/forefoot strike. I found out pretty quick that heel striking in these shoes were not an option. So word of wisdom, please be careful and if you are new to this type of shoe and running form please slowly transition into these shoes by running in them for 10-15 minutes maybe a few times a week until you are able to work up to a run without hurting yourself.
I have always found that some shoes do not fit good in the heel, and I was pleasantly surprised to find out that these shoes had a perfect heel fit. It was very snug on my heel and made for a good run, I have run in shoes with a poor heel hold and was always disappointed but that was not the case with these shoes. I also noticed that these shoes absorbs the impact very well which is very good when running on the road. This helped especially on my longer runs and I felt that I could keep going with pain from pounding on the road. Overall I was very impressed with these shoes and the only difficulty I had was the fast wearing of the outsole. I will be meeting with Saucony at the Outdoor Retailer and hopefully will have the chance to let all of you know about the new Kinivara and some of their other product! Look forward to sneak previews! Happy Trails!

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