RunKeeper App Review

July 12, 2012



Do you have a Iphone but do not have a watch or GPS? Well did you know that you can turn you Iphone into a sports watch/gps by just downloading Runkeeper? With the free download you have access to your average speed, current speed, elevation gain, distance and a GPS that follows your route.  And if that wasn’t good enough it automatically connects to your account online and stores all your training activity in an easy to use online training log!

I was completely shocked when I first tried this application out on my run. Each mile it speak to me saying I had run a 1 mile in 10 minutes and 2 seconds with an average pace of 10 minutes per mile. I sure beat having to look at my watch each time and mile after mile I heard my overall time, my distance and my speed. I was very impressed and when I got in the car and clicked done it showed the route where I went! When I got home I logged into my account and was amazed to see how accurate the route was and was surprised to see my elevation and each mile broken down into how many minutes it took me per mile.

I used this application outside and it really is only meant for outside. The reason is it needs to be able to connect to a satellite and in order to do that it needs open space not a metal barrier to stop it. When you are about to start your run make sure to check the GPS signal on the screen it will show you how strong your signal is. Unknowing of the GPS signal rating I pressed go and ran on the indoor track. When I was done it said I had done .5 of a mile in 25 minutes, I know this was wrong because I counted 30 laps. This is how I figured out that is wasn’t meant to be used inside! Also dense tree cover will also affect this device, so please remember this!

Another great feature that this application has is its after workout page, you can rate your exercise and you can also say the people you were with. This way when you go back through your training logs your can see how you felt that day and who you ran with. Although this app is free you can also buy an updated version for training plans and a more upgraded system. You can also set different workouts before you start and you can set music to play during your exercise. Runkeeper might make you think its just for running but in the menu before you click start you can click which activity you are participating in, for example biking, hiking, etc.

The application is not perfect and I know of people who have said that they went on a 10 mile run and their Runkeeper said that they ran it in 2 minutes. So please be aware that this application is not perfect, but pretty darn close! So if you are looking for an application to help keep track of your time, mileage and route then this application is perfect for you! This app also works for Android so if you don’t have an iphone dont fear! If you have any questions or comments about Runkeeper please do so below! Have a wonderful day!


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