Suunto M5 Watch Reiew

July 11, 2012



Whether you are a professional or just a go getter you will love the Suunto M5 sports watch. Although it does not have a built in GPS you can buy a foot pod to measure your distance and you can also buy a GPS and pair it with you watch if you wish to see your route. This watch is very easy to use and has three buttons located on the right hand side, the very bottom button turns on the back light, the middle button is used to check the day and month and when held will allow you to edit the settings in the watch. And finally the top button allows you to view your schedule for the day, previous exercise, total time exercising, fitness test and finally to start a new exercise.

This watch has been with me during my marathon and my 50k and each time I was very happy with it. It keeps track of your time very well and if you have the heart rate monitor on you can view your average HR, Peak HR and current heart rate. It is very helpful and allows your to judge if you are working to hard or if you need to slow it down or speed up. If you turn on the personal trainer it will tell you to speed up or slow down according to your heart rate. This feature can be very helpful but it can also because kind of annoying in some cases but overall it is very helpful.

If you are one of those people who wants to know your mileage then you will need the foot pod which tells you your average pace, speed and your mileage. It is very helpful especially in long races when there are not many mile markers. It also can help you determine if you need to back of your pace or if you need to speed up to achieve the time you want. There are some cases when the pod doesn’t work and I have to admit that during my 50k this happened to me. It said I was only at mile 15 when in reality I was really at mile 18. But that could have just been because there was lots of walking. But just keep in mind that this didn’t happen all the time and it can be off by almost a half a mile.

One down side to this watch is that it doesn’t have a lap button, so if you are running laps on the indoor track good luck counting in your head! It is waterproof so if you do happen to come to a river crossing and your hands need to be in the water your watch won’t break like many others so often do. If you want to customize your training plan you can buy the movestick which allows you to connect your watch to the computer and mainly to movescount where you can make a training plan, upload your training data and interact with other athletes in your area. Once you have you training plan made just load it onto your watch and each day it will tell you your distance and how hard you need to go. Also at the end of each exercise it gives you motivational feedback and suggestions on how to recover.

If you are looking for a watch that will fit your exercising needs then please consider giving this watch a try! It is available in a package and comes with everything you need to get into exercising or continue on in your training. If you have questions of comments please do so below! Happy Trails!

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