New Balance Minimus 10 Review

July 10, 2012

New Balance


For those of you who love a good fitting shoe and have a midfoot/forefoot running style then this is the shoe for you. I recently had been running in the Inov-8 195s when I decided to give these shoes a shot. I had heard a lot about them and I was excited to try them out. When I first put them on my feet I loved the feel, it was very close to my foot which allowed me to have a great fit. The toe box was wide enough for my toes to expand naturally and a thick piece of material wrapped over my forefoot made sure my fit didn’t swim around in my shoe. It took me a few runs to get used to running in them but once I had achieved my goal and was able to properly run in them.

These shoes are minimalist and do offer a 4mm drop, but take into mind that they are not minimalist as a VFF or the Saucony Hattori. I feel that this is good because it allows you enjoy a minimalist type running style and still be really light without having discomfort due to the lack of cushioning. I have enjoyed many runs in these shoes and I still don’t feel any discomfort, I feel that this shoe has the perfect amount of cushioning. But please remember this is just my personal belief it may be different for you. Also if you are not used to running in a minimalist shoe and running with a midfoot/forefoot running style please be very careful when engaging in running in these shoes. Take it very lightly the first few times you run in them, maybe 10-15 minutes of running in them just to get used to them. And when you feel that you have the proper form and are used to the shoes, bump up your mileage little by little.

The only issue I had with this shoe is that in between the traction is exposed EVA, this is a rock penetration zone in my opinion. When I have run in them I have encountered many times when I have stepped on a rock and it penetrated and hit my foot. This doesn’t happen all the time and the chances are probably 40/60 but it still can occur and hurts! For example I also experience a rock penetrating on the outside part of my arch and let me tell you, it wasn’t pleasant! But other than that I truly love these shoes and they work wonders! The traction on these shoes is very nice indeed, it is a Vibram outsole and it is meant to last long! I have experienced the little grooves on the traction to wear off but there is no serious wear and these shoes have been used for about 4 months of non stop running and walking in them.

One of my most favorite parts of this shoe is the upper. It is very breathable and comfortable, the inside of the shoe is made so good that you can wear the shoe without socks and there is no rubbing or discomfort at all! Please note, if you wear your shoes without socks overtime they will stink! So every month or so wash them out with a hose and leave them outside in the sun and by the next morning they should be ready to go. The upper is made of a breathable synthetic/mesh upper which provides lightweight comfort. The heel hold isn’t a rigid piece but rather a piece of thick material which runs from either side of foot and around the heel to offer a great heel hold. This technology is also found over the forefoot area.

If you want to try minimalist running or have already engaged yourself in it please try out these shoes. I am sure you won’t be disappointed! If you have questions or comments please do so below! Happy Trails!

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