Western States 100 Race Results

June 24, 2012

Trail Runs

This weekends Western States 100 mile race turned out to be one for the record books! The latest Mens record set by Geoff Roes last year was a time of 15:07:04, an amazing feat that not many can match. But this years winner Timothy Olsen crushed Geoff’s record with an astounding time of 14:46:44! And not only did Timothy break the record, team Salomon Ryan Sandes who got second also broke Geoff’s record with a time of 15:03:56. A record broken by two amazing runners on the mens side. But lets not forget Ellie Greenwood who also broke the record which was set by Ann Trason with a time of 17:37:51. Ellie wiped Ann’s record off the board and set a new record time for the 100 mile course at 16:47:19, beating Ann’s time by 50 minutes. This year was not an average year for the Western States as you can see with 3 people beating both the Mens and the Women’s records.


Results: Top 5 Male

Place:        Name:              Time:

1st        Timothy Olsen      14:46:44

2nd        Ryan Sandes       15:03:56

3rd         Nick Clark            15:44:09

4th         Dave Mackey        15:53:36

5th         Ian Sharman          15:54:38


Results: Top 5 Women

Place:       Name:             Time:

1st      Ellie Greenwood     16:47:19

2nd     Rory Bosio             18:08:06

3rd      Aliza  Lapierre        18:18:29

4th      Kristin Moehl          18:29:15

5th      Nikki Kimball          18:31:39


Congratulations all Western States runners and champions! Good luck recovering!

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