Saltstick Caps and Dispenser review

May 29, 2012

Hydration, Nutrition

Are you one of those people who loves running but always gets a head ache while running under the hot sun? Well thanks to Saltstick a buffered electrolyte salt tab you can reduce these head aches and enjoy the outdoors. This product is key in helping reduce Heat Stress, Muscle Cramps and Low Electrolyte Levels. These salt caps have  been formulated in such a way that they provide the right amount of electrolytes so you do not have those problems.

Most runners know that while running you are sweating and most likely losing important electrolytes like sodium, potassium and salt. Normal water won’t replace this so it is important to have a supplement like Saltstick to replace these lost electrolytes. The salt tabs have a blend of Potassium, Sodium, Chloride, Magnesium, Calcium and Vitamin D3 which aids in the absorption of calcium. There is nothing more or nothing less, the salt cap has the absolute perfect balance to ensure that your are replacing the exact things that you are losing.

It is recommended that you take this salt cap every 30-60 minutes depending on the heat. I usually go for 1 and hour but if you are running in 90+ degree weather it might be wise to boost your intake rate because your output rate will be a lot faster! I recently a marathon and had these caps with me and I felt they made a difference because usually I get heat stress and am losing a lot of electrolytes but taking one of these once an hour I felt great and was able to finish in flying colors.

You might be thinking where am I to put these salt caps? How am I to keep them from getting squished or wet? Well the company has created the Saltstick Dispenser as seen above. It comes in two different sizes, small and large, the small holds 3 caps and the large holds 6 so if you take 1 and hour you will have at least 3 hours of running with the small and 6 hours with the large. It is very durable and will not break unless you run over it with a car! It is water proof and is sure to keep your caps safe thanks to the red nozzle at the tip which closes to make a waterproof seal.

The key to this dispenser is the twist, all you do is remove the red cap, slide you salt caps in, put the red cap back on and all you have to do to get them out is just twist. It is as simple as that, just twist and salt cap slowly starts protruding from the red cap. It is very handy not only for runners but for bikers because it is specifically designed to fit inside and outside of your bikes handle bars.

If you do not like swallowing caps then all you have to do is just pull the cap from both ends and it will come apart and you can pour it into your bladder of your camelback or your water bottle. I love this product and give it an A+ because everything it says is true. So if you are in need of a supplement to help with Heat Stress, Muscle Cramping and Low Electrolytes Levels this is the supplement for you! Please comment if you would like more information or if you have tried this product!

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