Johnny Runner, AKA John Maack (Guest Post)

May 24, 2012

Trail Updates

Please pray for him!

Below is an excerpt from an email that John sent out:

This cancer can be present in one or all of the following parts of the body. The Lymphatic system, Spleen, Throat, Bone Marrow, Stomach, upper GI and the colon. In most cases by the time it is diagnosed you are in stage 3 or 4 with aggressive growth. I am at stage 3 and categorized as slow growth. It is isolated to my lymphatic system with the exception of one more test scheduled this week to eliminate the stomach and upper GI.                 


Based on this my doctor has told me that I could not be going into this with a better outlook for treatment and a cure. If you are curious about this disease here are 2 official sites I was advised by my medical team to use a resource. There many sites out there that are not reputable or may not have current or accurate information.




I will be starting treatment on April 9th. I will be in the hospital 1 week, home 2 weeks, back in the hospital 1 week and so on for approximately 12 weeks. Once treatment is successful I will have a stem cell transplant and will be in the hospital for another 3-4 weeks with an additional 3 month recovery period.


This is one race that I did not willingly sign up for, one of an unknown distance that I will finish.


I am grateful and privileged to know all of you. You are truly a wonderful group of friends and I feel very blessed.


I will be setting up a Care Bridge site<> so I can stay in touch and provide status of my progress. You never know there may be some pictures of me with my butt hanging out of my hospital gown or one of me running laps around the floor with my IV pole in hand.

With this in mind we organized a committee of folks to do a little fundraising for the Maack family. We had a meeting and here is what we came up with and have planned.
This is where we would be asking for your help and support.

Corner Canyon Ultra Trail Run 25K and 50K  August 11th.  


Put the date on your race calendar. We will have a great course on the trails of Corner Canyon. The website will be up soon. and this will be an annual charity event. This was something that John and Troy Olson had been working on for a while. We organized a race committee and have great support from Draper City. It will be a spectacular event. If you or anyone you know would like to volunteer to help, let one of the Troys know, Troy Robertson, or Troy Olson we will need lots of support.



Johnny Runner Day at WRC and Silent auction August 10th


Wasatch Running Center will have a Johnny Runner day at the store, an event where they will donate 5% of the sales that day to benefit the Maack family. August 10th is the day we will want to save all our prerace (Wasatch and Bear 100 runners and so on) purchases for that date. In conjunction with that, a silent auction will also be a part of the event. We already have a runner themed quilt and a couple of wood furniture items that will be up for bid. If you know of anyone who would like to donate items suitable for a silent auction, please contact Ernie Floyd at with any questions or items to include in the auction. The items will also be listed on the website prior to the event.


Johnny Runner T-Shirts


As a show of support for John we have designed a t-shirt to wear at events and around town, it has the Johnny Runner logo and it is the Lymphoma color lime green ASICS tech tee. Wear it to run in his honor with a hope and prayer that John will be back out there running with us. The cost is $20. We have mens and women’s sizes and there are singlets available to order. We also plan to sell them pre and post race at upcoming events and to encourage all to wear them at events we would be participating at or in. We also have Johnny Runner stickers that will be up for purchase also. See the attached file for the logo. We have already sold a 150 shirts and have to order more. If you want one now, please email me with your size and we will let you know ETA.  


Update on John


He has had a couple treatments and has been doing well. He just got home Saturday from the last one. I hope to get an update from Carol today and I will send it out.


Please contact me (Troy Robertson) with any questions at or Troy Olson at  PLEASE DO NOT REPLY TO THIS EMAIL. All future emails and updates will come from me at and if you would prefer to not hear about any updates or announcements about the race please let me know and I will take you off the JR list.


Help us spread the word and forward this email around. We can really make a difference.


Thanks in advance for your support. Happy Running.




The Troy’s


(Troy Robertson and Troy Olson)

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