Salomon Soft Flask Review

May 15, 2012



Have you ever seen a picture of Kilian Jornet racing the recent Western States 100 with these specialized water bottles? If so they are finally out for retail purchase! They water bottles are no ordinary water bottle, they are soft and the water doesn’t bounce around when you run. So all you hear is the birds chirping and hopefully the biker who doesn’t say “on your right!” They are only 8oz but they can be good up to 5 miles or so, but if you want to extend you running period with water get two to even it out. They are very easy to hold and they fit right in your hand for effortless running, but the only downside is is when they are getting low on water. When they are low on water they are hard to hold because the water is moving away whenever you grasp. It is very annoying when it gets low on water because you have to hold it just right in order to not drop it. I found the solution to this problem by folding it when it gets low so I can actually hold on.

The nozzle for the water is actually very handy, there is no pull and suck all you have to do is bite down on the nozzle and squeeze a little with you hand and it comes right out. It is also very handy if you need to wash off a cut if you fell on the trail. This bottle has no limit, it can also hold gel’s but you might want to get the 5oz one instead. But it still works and it can also be used with energy drinks. They can also easily fit in a pocket if you are a biker or in a pair of Salomon exo shorts that has the back pocket for gels or any shorts that have a tight fitting band with a gel pocket.

Furthermore these are pretty inexpensive, they are in the 15-20 dollar range so it makes it easy if you need to buy a few. Another great idea with these bottles is if you have a backpack like the Salomon Skin Pack or something with long pockets you have put these in there in order to safe space in the luggage area of the pack. Overall these bottles are great except for the fact that they are hard to grasp when nearly empty and they make your hands very sweaty. So if you are looking for a light weight water bottle where the water doesn’t splash around and comes out easy, then this is the bottle for you! Happy Trails! Make sure to comment if you have any questions.


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