GoodPeopleRun Contest!

April 16, 2012


Hello everyone! Starting today we will have monthly contest which rewards the winner a special prize. The prizes will be different each month so remember to check in everyone once in a while. This month we will be having a contest for a GoodPeopleRun visor, this isn’t any ordinary visor because it has a place for your to heat transfer your running group, store, or sites logo. This visor is very  breathable and comfortable so make sure to answer the questions right for your chance to win it!

This months question will be difficult but its well worth the effort!

 The visor will go to the first 3 people who answer the following. Who is this man running? Where is he running? And why? For some people this will be easy but for a few of you it might be hard, so good luck and don’t forget to leave a comment with the 3 questions answered!

Good luck and make sure to tell your friends!!

The first person to get these questions right will receive a special DVD pertaining to this individual athlete!

Note this contest ends 4/23/12

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5 Comments on “GoodPeopleRun Contest!”

  1. Jadon Ross Says:

    The runner is Killian Jornet. He is running across the Pyrenees as part of Killian’s Quest, a video journal done by Salomon recording Jornet’s running expeditions.


  2. Eric Griffin Says:

    Killian Jornet in the Pyrennees and as Jadon stated above he is recording the “Killian’s Quest” series where he is going back to the origins of mountain running.


  3. pctrailrunner Says:

    Keep guessing on question 2! 🙂


  4. Fabs Says:

    kilian running in the kilimandjaro to break the record of the up and down!


  5. pctrailrunner Says:

    Fabs is the winner! Great job Fabien! Send me an email at so i can send it to you!


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