Salomon RX Moc Review

April 14, 2012


Salomon RX Mocs
Imagine you just ran a 50k and your feet are hurting and you want to get into something that is breathable, loose, and comfortable. Well look no further than the Salomon RX Moc, this shoe is meant to an after race or recovery and is very breathable, is loose, and is comfortable. I wore these shoes after my first marathon and I have to say I was very comfortable and they worked great.
Upon first buying these shoes they felt too loose and I didn’t really take to the feel but after weeks of wearing them I got used to them and ended up really liking them. These shoes are perfect for after race because your feet want a loose fit after being in a tight shoe. But after awhile you will get used to the fit and you will really like it.
These shoes have a lot of EVA but it is hard rather than soft, but when you actually stand or walk in them they are very comfortable and eventually form to your foot. The shoe is also wider than normal to add stability because you don’t have a secure upper. I personally love the feel of this shoe and I really don’t care how it looks (which is a complaint) as long as it makes my feet feel good.
If you are at the finish of a race and it is in the woods or some remote location with lots of brush or weeds don’t worry because these shoes will keep most of the debris out. The mesh has an upside and a downside, the upside is that it will keep the debris out of your shoe and away from your foot. But the downside is that the mesh on the outside holds pieces of debris easily but I think the RX Moc 2 has changed the mesh to avoid this problem.
The outsole on this shoe is meant to last, but after awhile the tread is scrapped away and all you have is a soft outsole. I had a pair of these for about a year and wore them everyday and eventually I wore off all the tread. But don’t worry you can still use these shoes after the tread has worn off, it’s not like you are running in them!
Overall these shoes are very comfortable, but it takes some time getting used to them. So if you are looking for an after race or recovery shoe this is the shoe for you! Happy Trails!
  • Easy on, easy off, easy on your tired feet the Salomon® RX Moc is a light, comfortable and breathable before- and after-sport shoe.
  • Handmade topstitch upper construction.
  • Breathable open mesh upper.
  • Protective synthetic toe cap.
  • Stretch elastic collar for easy entry.
  • Breathable sandwich mesh lining.
  • AgION™ antimicrobial treatment suppresses odors and prevents growth of fungus.
  • EVA shaped footbed provides excellent cushion and anatomically designed support.
  • Molded EVA midsole provides lightweight cushioning and stability.
  • OS Muscle and OS Tendon technology.
  • Durable, non-marking Contagrip® rubber outsole. Delivering optimal traction on varied surfaces, Salomon’s Contagrip® outsoles use the ideal combination of specialized rubbers for each specific use.

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