Salomon Exo IV Calf Review

April 14, 2012


Salomon Exo IV Calf


Normally I don’t like to wear compression sleeves either because they are too tight or they get really hot when you are running. But I have to say I can actually wear the Salomon Exo IV Calf’s, they are tight and provide good compression but its not constricting and it is breathable so if you are out on those long runs on a hot you can run is comfort.

I got a pair of these a month before my first marathon and decided that I should test them out to see if I would use them on my marathon. Before I got these I had the version before and they were loose and didn’t stay on my leg, but when I got these I was surprised to see that even though they were a size small just like the other ones they fit perfect. The only problem I had was actually getting them on and off on my leg, its really tight near the bottom and I had difficulty getting it on but taking them off was worse. But after devising new ways to get them off I cam up with instead of pulling from the bottom that I should pull from the top and turn it inside out. It actually works and makes it easier to get them off.

I finally decided to wear them on the marathon and I was sure glad I did. About mile 20 my calf began to spasm but after a few seconds or so it was gone. I was very surprised because usually when I run long like this the spasm’s lasted longer but this wasn’t the case with my Exo calf’s on. I finally finished and was revealed, I thought that in the coming days my legs would be in a lot of pain but surprisingly my calf’s were fine and I could actually walk the next day. My calf’s were a little tired but nothing compared to what I felt other places and I finally decided that it was the Exo calf’s that saved my legs.

The catch phrase for these Exo calf’s is run easier, run longer, and recover better. Usually you don’t believe these catch phrases but after that marathon I actually believed everything it said because that’s what happened with me. The Exo technology which is built into the calf is meant to improve performance and recovery by supporting the muscles in your calf and increasing the blood flow.

The Exo calf is composed of a few different fabrics, ClimaUV 50+, Lycra Sport, and actiLite. The ClimaUV 50+ is a fabric that protects your skin from the suns harmful UVA and UVB rays. The actiLite which is most of there apparel is meant to wick moisture away from the body, this fabric also dries quickly. Finally the Lyrcra Sport is a fabric that is specifically engineered for sporting activities that require a combination of light weight, breathability, muscle support and freedom of movement. All these fabrics are combined to create the ultimate compression calf and help you have a comfortable run.

These Exo Calf’s work great and that is probably why all of the Salomon Elite Athletes use them. I encourage you if you are going to be running a trail marathon or 50k to invest in a pair of these because it is much better than having the pain in your legs during your run. So if you are looking for a pair of compression calf’s that are breathable, help you run longer, and recover faster then these are the compression calf’s for you! Now get out on those trails and have fun!

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