Salomon Spikecross 3 Review

April 13, 2012

Salomon, Trail Shoes

Do you need a good fitting shoe that offers protection from the elements and good grip in the snow and ice? Well look no further than the Salomon Spike Cross 3 CS, you might be thinking to yourself  “what CS?” well CS stands for Climashield, which is a Waterproof breathable membrane. This is placed from the shoes tongue to the toe, its placed here knowing that forefoot is going to be splashing in the puddles and wet snow and that its going to get wet fast if you dont have the proper protection. Just the other day I took these wonderful shoes on a spin up in the trails of Park City, there was a mixture of snow, ice, and mud and I was sure these shoes would be able to tackle it all. I started out in the muddy section of the trail and I was surprised how I didn’t slip one bit, with closer inspection of this shoe the lugs are actually a stiffer rubber than the regular Speedcross 3, I think this addition is added to the shoe because it is meant to be used in the winter and you need more traction in order to prevent slipping.

Now comes to the best part, the spikes on the lugs! They are placed strategically throughout the shoe taking into account that while going down the hill you are braking and that’s a time where you can slip. So the designers at Salomon put spikes in the heal with can avoid slippage when braking going down hill. The other day while running I encountered some ice while on a downhill and I slipped but luckily I caught myself. The next day when I went running I made sure I had these shoes on and when I encountered that icy spot on the trail I braced myself for a fall but my spikes dug in and I was safe and didn’t slip! The spikes in the front help you dig into the ice when you are about to push off so you get excellent traction so you can can continue you on your run without worrying about slipping.

If you are unaware of Salomon shoes let me fill you in on a great feature of the shoes. Look at this picture, do you see any laces? Well look harder and you will see a yellow pull tab which leads to a pocket to store the Salomon quicklace system. The quicklace system is two pieces of lace fed through a toggle and tied at the end. The toggle allows you to adjust tightness of your shoe with relative ease, and once you have found the perfect spot the toggle locks in place and is ready to be stored in the lace pocket. Another cool technology this shoe has is Sensifit, which allows you to get the perfect foot hold and it also means that you will be running in comfort. Look closely at the side of the shoe and you will a pattern on the side which looks your heart rate when its hooked onto a heart machine. At the peak of each of these is the grommet that hold the lace in place, so when tightened you foot is cradled which offers a precise fit. So if you are looking for a perfect winter shoe look no further than the Salomon Spike Cross 3 CS. Happy Running!

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