Asics Gel-Excel33 Review

April 13, 2012

Asics, Road Shoes

The Asics Gel-Excel33 is on of Asics new road running shoes. This shoe offers wonderful cushioning and is very comfortable. One thing I have noticed with the Asics shoes is that the heel hold isn’t great, I have heard many complaints like this before and I feel Asics has improved the heel hold on this shoe tremendously. I have had many customers who try this shoe on who say how comfortable it is and how the heel doesn’t slip.


When I first put on this shoe I was amazed how nice the fit was, it was so comfortable and my foot felt very comfortable. As I said earlier this shoe has a fantastic heel hold and two features contribute to this excellent fit, P.H.F and the Heel Clutching System. The P.H.F stands for Personalized Heel Fit which is basically 2 layers of memory foam in that line the collar and cold to the wearers heels creating a personalized fit. The Heel Clutching System is a Exoskeletal heel counter which improves support and increase the fit in the heel. These two features lead to an excellent fit in the heel from a slip free run!

The upper on this shoe is very breathable and it makes sure your foot stays cool. I was running on the indoor track in these shoes and I felt that I had very good ventilation and that my feet felt cool.  Everyone has had a stinky shoe but thanks to the ComforDry Sockliner this problem might not affect you anymore because not only does it provide cushioning it has anti-odor properties for a cooler, drier, and healthier environment within your shoe. This feature is perfect for those hot runs outside when your sweating from head to toe.


The midsole on this shoe is truly amazing because it has an actual layer of gel which makes the shoe very comfortable. This gel insert is called the Rearfoot and Forefoot Gel Cushioning System, this means that gel inserts are strategically placed in the heel and forefoot to provide shock absorption and cushioning during impact and toe-off. This is extremely nice is you are out on the roads for long periods of time.

The midsole in this shoe is also composed of 2 other materials Solyte Midsole Material and SpEVA Midsole Material. The Solyte Material is a compound which is lighter that the standard Asics Eva and the SpEVA. This material is meant to enhance cushioning and durability. The SpEVA improves bounce-back characteristics and decreases the chance of midsole breakdown. All these materials combine to create the ultimate midsole which offers the right amount of cushioning for your everyday needs.


The outsole on this shoe is very durable, it is meant to take you a long ways on the roads and is meant to hold up to anything you can throw at it. The main outsole material is something called AHAR which stands for Asics High Abrasion Rubber, this rubber is place in key areas in the outsole of the shoe to provide excellent durability. Along with durability this shoe has good traction for the roads and can be used on dry trails if needed.

This shoe is a neutral shoe but it has something called the Guidance Line which is a vertical flex groove that enhances the gait inefficiency. Asics built this shoe with your foot in mind and has a feature to mimic your foot. This feature is called the Propulsion Trusstic which mimics connective tissue in the foot by creating tension when the foot goes to push off. Another wonderful feature is the Impact Guidance System which enhances the foots natural gait for a fluid heel to toe transition. When I first ran in this shoe I was surprised how fluid the heel to toe transition was, I felt like I needed to know why it was so great and I believe that all these features blended together created an excellent heel to to transition.


Weight for Men’s: 9.9 oz

Weight for Women’s: 7.9 oz

Men’s sizes: 7-15 us

Women’s sizes: 5-12 us

Price: $120


Overall this shoe has a great fit, a fluid heel to toe transition, and a good heel hold. So if your interested in getting a lightweight road shoe with these traits then the Gel-Excel33 from Asics is the shoe for you!


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