Salomon Speedcross 3 Review

April 12, 2012

Salomon, Trail Shoes

The Salomon Speedcross 3 is the ultimate trail running shoe which will take your from loose gravel, all the way up to the most slippery mud. This shoe is my go to shoe because it’s fit is unmatched, I have heard stories about people who actually run these shoes on the road because they are so comfortable. These shoes are very different from their parent shoe the Speedcross 2, but I like these changes and I hope you will too. Just to give you some perspective on how fast they wear out I will tell you how they held up. I got these in about early summer and began running on they religiously, I ran almost all my runs in these and I also completed a marathon and 50k in them. After the 50k the outsole was pretty wore away but still usable, so in my view they are good for about 400 miles or more. 


What most people like about this shoe is the fit around their foot, and in this case I completely agree. The reason for this  is because they use something called a racing last and the traits of this last are the following, fit, stability, comfort, maximum toe spring, and a narrow fit. The narrow fit is why I liked this shoe and feedback from others shows the same thing. When running in mud you want to make sure you foot is secure, and that is where the narrow fit and the quicklace come into play. The narrow fit keeps your foot snug in the shoe when you run through the mud and keeps your foot  secure. And the quicklace which is basically a long piece of Kevlar fiber which allows you to create a precise and secure fit so your foot won’t be pulled out if you are in the mud. The shoe also has a lace pocket which holds the quicklace out of the way so you can enjoy a snag free run.

You don’t need to use these just in mud, because on dry trails they preform very well. The tight and precise fit allows for fast and agile running on the trails and allows you to feel confident when running instead of swimming in your shoe and feeling sloppy. Asides from this the upper material is made of something called Anti-Debirs Mesh which is a breathable mesh that keeps dirt and other debris out of your shoe. This is very helpful when you are racing or just enjoying the trails and don’t want anything to bother you foot. Another feature which goes hand in hand with the last feature is the Gusseted Tongue which keeps debris out of the shoe. Most shoes have a tongue which has no protection on either side and easily allows debris in but that is not that case on this shoe.

One of my most favorite features of this shoe is the Sensifit Technology, which are overlays which wrap around your foot for a close and snug fit. I like this because it feels like my foot is being wrapped comfortably without any discomfort. Most shoes have a sockliner but this shoe has an Ortholite sock liner which is supposed to reduce odor and moisture while adding extra underfoot cushioning. As you can see the upper on this shoe is pretty amazing and this means that your feet will be comfortable throughout the duration of your run.

Side view of Speedcross 3


This shoe is very unique when it comes to cushioning, for as little cushioning it has it is very comfortable. The heel height is 19mm and in the front of the shoe is 10mm which equals a 9mm drop. Compared to other shoes which have 11m drops have have higher heel height, this shoe is more minimal than the others. The reason this shoe has such great cushioning is because of the Injected Eva which runs throughout the length of the shoe to provide excellent cushioning. It also has something called molded Eva which provides excellent cushioning as well as anatomical support. For as minimal as it is it sure is very comfortable and provides comfort through your entire run. One thing that is different in this shoe that the Speedcross 2 is that this shoe doesn’t have a medial post.


When you first pick up this shoe or see it for the first time you pay close attention to the outsole. The reason for this is because it has an aggressive lug pattern. This is called Mud and Snow Contagrip which is designed to dig in deep on soft ground for excellent traction. The outsole preforms very well in loose gravel or shale and is perfect for running up step hills or going down technical descents because it has both forward and backward facing lugs which make it great for climbing and braking. Just a word of advice is that if this shoe is worn heavily on the road the lugs will wear very quickly. The lug placement and shape are different on this shoe that the Speedcross 2, I find that the new lug shape and placement are a lot better than the layout before.


Weight: 9.91 oz for US W’s 7

Weight: 11.04 oz for US M’s 9

Midsole Height 10 mm/19 mm

Heel to toe drop: 9 mm

Price $125

Overall this shoe performs great, has a great fit and has excellent traction. So if your looking for a shoe that meets this description then the Speedcross 3 from Salomon is the one for you. This shoe also comes in a Climashield version and is also available with spikes. If you would like to read my review on the Spikecross 3 click here. Happy Trails!

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2 Comments on “Salomon Speedcross 3 Review”

  1. An Phan Says:

    Do we have to wear socks with Salomon sleeveless 3? If so, what kind?


    • pctrailrunner Says:

      Dear An Phan,

      It would be highly recommended to wear socks with most trail running shoes. A, for comfort and b, for keeping your feet safe from the debris that sometimes enters the shoe. I would suggest either a Darn Tough sock or a DryMax sock, and if I had to give my opinion I would say get the mid-ankle sock which covers your ankle. This type of sock is good for the trails because sometimes trail runners kick their ankles, with the mid-ankle sock you will protect your ankles as well as limit the amount of debris that is entering into the sock. Hope this helps and sorry for the late response.


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