Salomon S-LAB 4 xt wings Review

April 6, 2012

Salomon, Trail Shoes

Introducing the light-weight and made for performance Salomon S-Lab 4 xt wings. This shoe was helped designed and tested by some of the worlds greatest Salomon athletes like Kilian Jornet. This shoe can hold up to anything you throw at it and will last you a long time. If you go running in these your know your feet are secure and are going to be comfortable and that’s why most people like this shoe is because of its fit.

The material used on the upper of this shoe is something called Open Mesh which is designed for quick drying and is also very breathable. So on those hot summer days your feet won’t get to hot and you will be able to enjoy your run without worry. The next feature that makes the fit of this shoe so great is called Sensifit, it is the black taping which has been heat welded to the shoe to avoid rubbing which happens which regular stitched Sensifit. The Sensifit is located on the medial and lateral sides of the shoe and is designed to wrap the foot with a secure fit so that you can run in comfort.
Another great feature of this shoe is the quicklace, which is made from Kevlar fibers and allows for easy tightening and loosening of the shoe. The shoe also has something called the lace pocket which is located in the top of the tongue which holds the quicklace so it is out of the way. If you have run the trails you know that debris will eventually will get in your shoe, but thanks to the Gusseted Tongue its stops most debris from getting into the shoe which means more time spent enjoying the trails. This shoe might be light but it also features a Strobel Last which is full length and is intended to give you additional support during your runs. Lastly, this shoe has a great component called the OrthoLite Sockline which is composed of anti-bacterial material which helps reduce odor and moisture at the same time as offer cushion directly underfoot.
Notice the gray area, that is the pronation control. Also look at the clear material in the heel, that is the AC Skeleton.

The midsole on this shoe is made of a few parts which all combine to create great comfort and a fluid heel to toe transition. One of the components is the AC2 Muscle, this is a foam that is designed to provide cushioning. This part of the shoe extends from the heel to about half-way into the forefoot area. The next piece of the shoe is called the AC Skeleton, which is a  thermoplastic unit engineering to help create a fluid heel to toe transition. This part of the shoe can easily be seen in the picture above. Comfort is key in this shoe and that’s why this shoe has something called the EVA Footbed which is made up of a S-EVA foam which is specifically engineered for underfoot cushioning. Lastly, this wonderful shoe has something called Pronation Control which is a dual density EVA which is located under the medial midfoot, which helps stop your arch from collapsing which causes pronation.
Notice the bi-directional lugs which enhance grip and increase breaking abilities.

The outsole of this shoe is very good compared to most shoes, it has something called the Contagrip which is located throughout the shoe to offer traction in all sorts of terrain. I wore this shoe the other day in round valley and I have to say that the grip was good! Most of round valley is mostly packed dirt and the trails are sometimes scattered which rocks but I felt very good in these shoes and felt that the traction was good for this type of terrain. If you plan on wearing this in the winter you might want to invest in a pair of YakTrax or Kahtoola Microspikes for that extra traction because you would most likely be slipping. But other than that these shoes can tackle any terrain you can throw at it.
Overall these shoes offer a great fit, superb cushioning and excellent traction. These are some traits which I find very important and many other people who enjoy these shoes would agree. The only issue with this shoe  is just don’t get your feet into the water, I found that is had some trouble draining and that didn’t make me very happy. But other than that its a great shoe and if you are looking for something to take you through the mountains or speed you through a race these are the shoes for you!
Check back soon because I will be doing a review on the Salomon S-Lab 4 xt wings Softground! So stay tuned!

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