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March 25, 2012

Trail Updates

Its that time of year again when we put away our ski boots and dust of our running shoes. Its spring and the trails are now available for us to enjoy with our friends and family. For those of you who took the winter off and explored other activities, I say congratulations! But its time to get back into the game of running which we know and love. Running is more than a sport, its a passion, a life style, the way you live your life. I know that running has changed me for the better and its time to embrace this wonderful gift that has been given to us. Already races have been popping up all over the place and there have been many sightings of runners! Running is something that we should enjoy but its also something that comes with an danger; off leash dogs. Off leash dogs are great but in many places like Park City (which has a law) your mid afternoon  run might be cut short from a dog getting in your way and tripping you or worse; getting bitten. I am not one to bring politics into running and life, but I know from my mother getting bit by a Rottweiler while on a morning run that those four words “He won’t bite you!” are not entirely true. I love dogs but I believe that they should be leashed when out and about. I am not saying that its bad to have your dog on a leash but I think that there should be certain areas which allow them. 

For those in Park City we experienced a snow storm last week but thanks to our friend the sun it is now on its way back to where it came from. I have been hitting the trails these last few days and all I can say is that the trails are beautiful and it is very warm! So pull out those shorts because its time to enjoy the trails without snow!! Since this is the PcTrail report, I feel that it is my duty to tell you what shoes would be good for these types of conditions. If you are in a muddy section I would recommend something with more traction than your average trail shoe. For example the Speedcross 2 or something the Saucony Peregrine. As for clothes wear shorts and a long sleeve tee, just in my opinion.
Well I have been testing some shoes and can’t wait to write a review so wait for it! In the next few days I will be updating this blog with a new shoe so be prepared!
Happy trails!!

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