Round Valley Trail Update

February 28, 2012

Trail Updates

Hey everyone!! Just wanted to let you know the condition of Round Valley in Park City, Utah. If you are heading out to Round Valley here is what you can expect. Most of the trails are icy and snowy, but on la dee duu there is spots of muddy trail and same thing scattered throughout most of the trails. Its slowly melting and their are some puddles of deep slushy water during the day and cold patches of ice during the early mornings and evening. Its hard to prepare for conditions like these but here are some things that will make your experience a little better. The Salomon SpikeCross CS, its got the perfect amount of grip for the ice and snow but it also has a smooth and grippy ride through the mud. The ClimaShield helps protect from a accidental step in a puddle. I wore this shoe the other day during these condition and they were perfect. Another piece of gear that is good for these condition is the Inov-8 Debris Gaiter (which can be bought at ZBsports: see Local Retailers) for $16.95. These bad boys offer protection from the accidental step into knee deep snow and the mud that is scattered throughout the trail. It’s hard to dress for these conditions but I find it is best to wear a warm base layer with a light-weight mid-layer and a vest to block the wind. I find this is the perfect combination  for these types of conditions. If you are not aware of the weather forecast tonight we are supposed to receive 8-12 inches of snow, hopefully we will still have our trails to run on! Have fun!

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