Altra Lone Peak Review

February 4, 2012

Altra, Trail Shoes

The new minamalist craze has got everyone going into the VFF’s and other shoes with virtually no padding. The idea of forefoot running and having perfect running form is great, but with years and years of walking or running in regular 12m drop shoes we have trained ourselves to walk and run in a differnt way. So making a transition from 12m drop to zero drop can take its toll, but why not try a zero drop shoe with a decent amount of padding (around and inch) that has no drop but has cushioning to get you through any run in comfort while still maintaing the proper running form.


Most running shoes have your feet cramped into a small toe box, but the Altra has a wide forefoot which follows the contour of your foot to form a precise fit to allow your foot to naturally expand. When I first tried this shoe on I felt that I needed a smaller size due to the wide toe box, but once I ran in them I realized that you get used to it because soon your foot spreads out into its natural form. The upper is made of a quick dry abrasion resistant mesh upper, which has very minimal seems. I liked the minimal seems in this shoe because it means less abraison on longer runs. This shoe was designed for the Wasatch 100, and the designers at Altra obviously took feedback from runners and tried to create a upper which is comfortable and durable enough get you through the race without any problems. Another cool feature on this shoe is the A-wrap, when you look at the shoe you see the Wasatch Mountain Range on either side of the shoe and other pieces of material that all connect into the lace area. When tightened the design on the upper wraps your foot to form an extremely comfortable fit. I ran in these shoes a few days ago and was surprised how comfortable these shoes are to run in, they were so comfortable that sometimes I wear them casually. I am one of those people whos heel slips in certain shoes, but in these I felt a snug fit in the heel and while running I felt secure and had an excellent heel hold. I thank the heel claw which is an excellent feature on this shoe which firmly holds your heel in place. I found it very interesting that you can rearrange the laces to provide a different fit which on many other brands of shoes you cannot. Take a look at the picture below, this style helps fit a different foot type or someone who has a wide forefoot. As you can see the upper on this shoe will allow your foot to be comfortable in any situation.

Alternate Lacing


When you take a look at the outsole you see chevron lugs facing foward and back to ensure perfect grip in any situation. If you take a look at the outsole you will see a yellow foot, find the toes and notice that they are right under the pad of your foot. When I talked to the owners/designers about this they told me that your pad is the point where you put the most pressure when pushing off. They specifally put big chevron lugs here to take advantage of that to offer great grip. It also has a feature called the Trail Rudder which is a piece of rubber that extends from the heel of the shoe. They say that when running downhill and if you slipped this piece of rubber would help catch you. I have to say I am not convinced, but it can easily be removed without ruining the shoe. I tested the traction on this shoe during a snowy run here in Park City and found that it had excellent traction in the snow but it also provided traction in the muddy and loose areas of the trails.


The midsole of this shoe is about an inch of cushioning throughout the shoe hence the zero drop. It has a rock guard which protects your foot from the rocks you may encounter on some of your most wildest trail runs. I took these shoes on a long run and felt no pain throughout the entire run, the cushioning seemed to save my joints and helped me run longer. I was surprised to learn that these shoes are only 9.9 oz, they are lighter than most trail shoes and I think a lot of people will like that.

Overall the Altra Lone Peaks are great trail running shoes, if you don’t use them as your only shoe they are a great training tool to build calf, ankle, and foot strenght. But if you are seriously considering this shoes as your main running shoe make sure to follow the directions on how to properly get used to the shoes. That means do not run your 20 mile long run in these shoes in the first week you get them unless you have expirence with zero drop shoes! Happy running!

If you have questions or comments please don’t hesitate to post below!

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4 Comments on “Altra Lone Peak Review”

  1. Sam Winebaum Says:

    Great review! Might just go to zero drop in these from my usual 4mm drops.


  2. Nick Halliday Says:

    Thanks Sam! Yeah I'm thinking of using these shoes too!


  3. Michelle Says:

    I did the sqauw peak 50 in them this weekend. The shoes are great for saving your toes. I started the race with missing skin on both pinky toes, and a few other toes, from a 100 miler three weeks before. It didn’t even touch new skin nor hurt the half blistered skin.


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