Salomon XT Advanced Skin 5 S-lab Pack

January 24, 2012


Are you one of those people who is looking for a nice quality pack that has plently of room for nutrition water, and storage for anything else you need? Well look no further than the XT Advanced Skin 5 Slab pack from Salomon. With 1.5L of water storage you can explore the trails for hours on end without worrying about running out of water. Are you one of those people who likes to use water bottles instead of a bladder? Well this pack has two pockets on the front that are capable of holding 2 water bottles! This means you can take the bladder out to make more room for the gear you may need. A really cool feature about this pack is that it has a quick relase hose which with a press of a button can be unatached from the bladder to insert another one in fast race situations. My favorite thing about this pack is all the pockets on it, on the back you have a storage area that can hold a windshell, gloves and a hat. It also has a compartment with a saftey blanket which comes with the pack. There are also two pockets on either side of the bottom of the straps, they can hold a SOL bivy sack or 3 packs of Honey Stinger Chews. Its amazing how many things this pack can hold, so if you are doing a longer race it has plently of space for everything you need. If you deicde not to use water bottles the front two pockets work perfectly for holding nutrition and a spare hat or a pair of gloves. I wore this pack on a 50k and it will filled up with everything I needed, I had a spare jacket in the pack and all the pockets were filled with nutrition. It also has a nice pieces of think bungie rope with tighteners to hold trekking poles. But with all the extra loops on the outside of the pack I made an area where I could hold my softshell pants when the race got hot. It worked perfect and can be fashioned any way you need. Another great thing about this pack is its fit, it fits snuggly to your body and has two easy to use straps on the front which can be tightened and loosened and put in any way you need to make yourself comfortable. It also has a velcro space for a removeable pocket which can hold gels and other items you need close at hand. The pack comes with two of these pockets so it makes it really easy for your crew to attach new nutrition to you in a race. So if you are looking for a pack that will take you where your heart deserires, this is the pack for you!

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