My first 50k

November 16, 2011

Trail Updates

Beep! Beep! Beep! Went my alarm clock at 4:30am, I hurriedand shut it off and got out of my bed. I was very nervous that morning so Ihurried and got dressed in my gear and headed down stairs to find my momsitting at the counter. I had an ensure shake and a bar and then I settled downto wait for my friend Meghan to arrive at our house. That moment came too soon,but I quickly got into the car and we headed out in the blizzard to pick up ourfellow friends who would be running it with us. Soon everyone was in the car andwe were heading down the canyon to AntelopeIsland in Salt lake City, Utah.Going down the canyon was a nightmare because the weather was so bad, we couldbarely see so we had to go slower than we usually would. Once into Salt Lakeit started to clear upa little just enough for us to see a little better. Thedrive to the exit took forever but once there the drive was only 20 moreminutes. Deciding that the lines for the port-a-potties at the race would befull of people we decided to stop by the local Smiths to have our last chancefor comfort and warmth. At the gate house we took a left and picked up our bibsand were rewarded with an awesome Tech Tee, a snow scrapper, a flashing light,some candy, and of course our bibs! We headed through that gate house and beganour journey across the remains of the once grand lake Bonneville.Along the road we saw a bunny and my favorite thing ever an Owl, this boostedmy spirits and kept my mind off the race. Once at the start we sat in the carfussing with gear and making many trips to the freezing cold port-a-potty.Pretty soon it was 5 minutes from the start so we ran to the warming tent tohear the rules of the race. After being filled with knowledge about the race welined up and waited for the race director to say start. The gun blasted and Isaid “Oh crap! What are we doing!” but it was too late to turn back so I pushedthrough that anxiety and started running. It was freezing cold as we startedout and I was glad that I was bundled up in all my winter gear. Making our wayup the first hill was difficult because I had not yet warmed up and to start ona hill was kinda tough but I pushed through it and made it to the top where Iwas greeted by some buffalo. Good thing I had my mom and Meghan to help me getthrough the first miles because already I was feeling discouraged about havingto run 31miles. After some gear errors and some adjusting I set in at a paceand made it to the first aid station where I grabbed some cheezits and a fewpretzels. But that stop was short lived because soon we were running againtrying to run from aid station to aid station. The next aid station was 3 milesaway and to get there you had to go down a long downhill followed by a shortuphill were we saw a fox flying through the grass. Once topping the hill we sawthat the next aid station was a just a little bit further. We greeted thepeople at aid station and grabbed some food and prepared for the next aidstation at mile 15 or about another 7 or 8 miles. In my head I thought it wouldbe a breeze to get there but boy was I wrong, the next few miles took usforever. It started out with a long uphill followed by a downhill which lead usonto a sandy/rocky beach, this was hard to run in but it was okay we had agreat view of the lake. The sandy beach turned in a long uphill which tookforever to get up, it seemed like it was close to a mile of uphill but itprobably was only a half mile but it seemed forever to me. At the top of thehill my mom looked at her gps and it only said 10 miles and I said “What! Areyou kidding me!” But she wasn’t so we trudged along until we saw the aidstation and we were a bit confused, because it was supposed to be at 15 milesand our gps said different. So when we got to the aid station we asked whatmile it was and we found out that it was actually 15miles and with that said Ifelt much better. I went into the tent and had a cup of broth/ramen/potato soapwhich really helped boost my spirits and give me some fuel too. The next milestook forever and I really started hurting and I started getting reallydiscouraged. But with the encouragement of Meghan and my mom I made it to thebottom of the hill where I started walking for a bit. But that was short livedbecause it was time to run again and I had to make my way across a muddy fieldwith tall grass on either side. I really started feeling the pain and it madeit really hard to continue but I pushed onto the next checkpoint which wasabout 3miles away from the next aid station and after that they said it wasabout 4 after that. That didn’t seem right so I didn’t question it and begantrudging along at my slow pace. The next 3 miles took forever and that’s when Ireally started feeling crappy, I was really sore at this point and was gettingreally tired, but I couldn’t stop so I continued on. But at the next aidstation they said it wasn’t 4 miles but it was actually 7 more grueling miles.I will spare you the complaining I was doing the next 7 miles and skip to thepart where I had 1 mile to go and I felt really good so I tried to power up thenext hill and once at the top I got an awful feeling of nausea. But with someencouragement I waddled along until I saw the finish line, I felt so happy thatI started sprinting an when I got there I was handed an mug and wascongratulated by all my friends and my dad who drove all the way down from workto see me finish! I was overjoyed and I started to eat everything I could see,I began with a cup of broth and ramen, 2 peanut butter and jelly sandwichsquares, a handful of chezits, a cup of sprite, 5 small powdered doughnuts andof course some hot cider in my mug! But I still felt really sick so I decidedbefore anything happened that I would stop eating and head to the car.  After a celebratory picture we all headedhome finally all packed into the car with friends galore. With a 50k under mybelt I feel asleep in the car and dreamed the race and all my friends andfamily and how thankful I was that they were all there! Thanks you so much momand dad for supporting my dream and thank you Gemma, Meghan, and Amy forencouraging me to run my heart out!  Antelope 50K- November 4th 2011 at 14 years old- my Mom said I have to be 19 years old before my next big run, I guess that means 50 miles or so!  Let’s see who wins this one..

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