Wasatch Crest

October 24, 2011

Trail Updates

Dear Parkites,
Imaginewhat it would be like if all of Park City’s pristine openspace was developed; that is the issue that we face today. Build a Tram fromthe Canyons Ski Resort to Solitude Ski Resort to reduce the traffic thatTalisker is so “worried” about or save our mountain landscape for us to enjoyfor years to come. If traffic is really the issue then why not build designatedpark-n-ride spots through-out the salt lake area and offer more mass transit tothe ski resorts. For example Park City has done a great job by building atransit center and offering busing services all through-out Park City to bringlocal and tourists alike around to the Ski Resorts as well to Salt Lake. Thishas greatly reduced the automobile traffic and has made travel easy andconvenient for locals and tourists.
Alreadytraffic in Park City during the ski season is sky highbut to think that even more people would be coming up into our already crowedcity is astronomical. Not to mention that the Canyons parking lot is alreadyfull even with us locals and to have even more people jammed into a fullparking lot will mean lots of traffic. The idea of driving 10 less minutes to Park Citythan to Solitude just to take a tram which will take longer than actuallydriving to Solitude is counter productive. By the time the people have takenthe tram from the Canyons the smart people who took the mass transit systemthat is already equipped for winter condition will be able to make it to theski resort quickly and safely and will have already enjoyed the awesome powder.
Wintercan’t last forever and most skiers put away their snow gear for summertimerecreation that includes mountain biking, trail running, and pleasure hikingthroughout our beautiful Wasatch Vista. Most people know that the Wasatch Crestis known for breath taking scenery and for some great trails for some funsummer time activates. I went running on that trail last weekend and apart fromthe stunning scenery and vast landscape my group and I saw and passed at least30+ bikers and 5 hikers. Now picture that gorgeous scenery and wide openlandscape being destroyed just to put in a tram to limit the traffic thatTalisker is “worried” about. Or is there another reason? It might just be aploy to score some awesome real-estate opportunities that people would paymillions for. It’s a developers dream, houses here, resorts there, anddevelopment as far as the eye can see. But is that necessary? We already havehotels and lodges up in Guardsman pass that sit empty, why not fill thosebefore we start to expand into new horizons? We can think of the future now andprotect these mountains for further generations to enjoy.
Askyourself the question why did move to Park City,why did you move to the mountains? Did you move here to bring the city with youor did you move here to enjoy the mountain experience? For most people it is toenjoy the mountain experience and live life peacefully in a small resortcommunity. Just think what would happen to ParkCity, I can tell you it won’t getsmaller it will mean more development to hold in the masses and it will destroythe Park City we know and love today. If you wantto get involved in the fight against Talisker join “Save our Canyons”, write aletter to the editor and most important stand up for Park Cityand keep it free from development.
Nick Halliday

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