Trail Update

September 24, 2011

Trail Updates

First off I want to say sorry for not posting in a while but that’s going to change don’t you worry! In other news I want to congratulate all the Triple Trail Challenge finishers! What an amazing 3 races, I hope all of you who participated had a great time! The courses were fantastic but on Mid Mountain I thought that the part near Iron Mountain was a really rocky; do you think so too? Other than that part the Mid Mountain had a great course a lots of nice aid station volunteers. Every time you pulled up to one you felt great because they were all cheering for you and they always filled up your pack/water bottle if you needed too. I don’t know about you triple trail challenge finishers but I think I want to do it again! Would you do it again based on your experience of this year? Well once again congrats! Also, if you did not receive your triple trail jacket and you did the TTC come by ZBsports (located at 1456 Newpark Blvd # 46, or next to Maxwells) to pick up the jacket that you deserve!

Now for the trail update. Well unfortunately its that time of year again where the temperature is getting colder and winter is fast approaching. The other morning I went running up Rossie Hill Trail around 7:00 and I was in tights, a long sleeve, jacket, hat, and gloves it was really that cold. So if you are one of those people who loves running in the morning grab your winter tights or 3/4 tights a long sleeve, and a jacket and go have some fun! But if you are someone who is new to the area or just doesn’t have any drop by ZBsports (located at 1456 Newpark Blvd # 46 or next to Maxwells) and find yourself in running heaven and head to the back to see the winter selection of tights, mid layers, mid breakers, long sleeves, hats, and gloves!

If you are worried about mud or any water on the trail, don’t because there is very little of that left. What you should be on the look out is for Moose, and other wildlife. The other morning while running Rossie hill we had to stop dead in our tracks because a Momma Moose was crossing the trail, we mad lots of noise and slowly walked down the trail until the Moose was no where in sight. If you are one of those runners looking for a fun morning run try running Rossie Hill or Sweeny’s Switchbacks, these trails are both very good places to run because they offer beautiful scenery like the fiery orange maples, and the tall white Aspens, but the most special thing to see is the overlook of Park City that can be found on both of these trails. So before you sleep that extra hour or two get out of bed and go explore the great trails that Park City has to offer!

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