PcTrailRunner Update

August 10, 2011

Trail Updates

Congratulations to all the people who participated in the Jupiter Peak Steeplechase last Saturday. The best part of the whole race has to be the scramble up to Jupiter Peak, because as your climbing up the mountain your excited that your almost half-way done and next your getting a rush looking at all the beautiful scenery. But on the other hand some people might have been really scared due to the fact that 3 feet to their left was a sheer drop off, but as those people reached the top the excitement of the race flooded into them once they saw the view!

Now for the update on mid mountain/iron canyon. The start of iron canyon can be found by taking a left at the McPolin Barn and following the road up to culdesac where behind a some foliage and a piece of metal with a trail sticker on it. From their you ascend up the mountain over some very technical terrain like rocks, roots, logs, and branches. It is recommended that you walk this part not only because it is so steep but because it is so rocky. Another thing I would suggest is that you bring bug spray, the horse flies, deer flies, wasps, and bees are all active and from my experience on the trail they are looking to sting! Follow this trail up to the rocky ledge where you will get a great view of Park City! If you want to connect to mid mountain leave the rock ledge and take the path to the right and you will be on your way up a very rocky section and at the top is the mid mountain trail which is marked by signs.

If you find yourself on mid mountain here is what you an expect. The new part of the mid mountain trail is very rocky, so if you on this section pick up your feet and slow the pace so you won’t trip. Along the trail I would suggest bringing water because if you come of iron canyon and are heading to the canyons you have got at least 10+ miles before their is a public exit, so to sum it up bring a backpack or handheld water bottle. Another thing I would suggest is bring bug spray, as I said earlier the flies are out and are ready to bite! If you are planning on doing a longer run say 15+ start from Spiro and get up onto mid mountain and head for the canyons, because once you reach Red Pine Lodge you can get the gondola down! Hope this helps! Have fun on the trails!

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