PcTrailRunner Trail Update

August 4, 2011

Trail Updates

It is time for another PCTrailRunner Trail Update! From what I have seen Round Valley seems to be as dry as can be except for a few patches of mud, this doesn’t mean you need a shoe with lots of traction but it means that you should be carefull when approaching the mud so you don’t slip and hurt yourself. If you are one of those people who are headed out in the middle of the day here is a suggestion, bring water and a visor. It is so hot out there during the day because it barely has any shade and it is in the direct sun. So if you do want to run Round Valley I would suggest going in the morning or later at night just so you won’t get fried.

As you all know this Saturday is the Jupiter Peak Steeplechase, if you don’t it is a 16 mile run from the base of Park City to the top of Jupiter and back down. If you are running this race most importantly have fun but here are a few tips that might make your run better. First make sure to bring water even if its a small handheld, because you never know when you will need it because sometimes you can’t always count on the aid stations. Secondly, bring an extra gel or too even if you have one because if you find out that you need one more and you don’t you could be in a little trouble. I hope some of these tips help! Have a great time at the race and have fun!!

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