Trail Update/Bear Warning

August 1, 2011

Trail Updates

It is time for another PCTrailRunner Trail Update! As you all know this last week we have been hit by constant storms, and when it rains the trails get muddy. During a bike ride today during the rain I found that not one inch of Glen Wild was mud or water free. If you find yourself out and about in Glen Wild here is what I sugest you bring, first I would suggest a shoe with some good traction, I was trying to walk up part of a steep hill today and as soon as I began I slipped and fell. So anything in your running shoe collection that has traction I would highly suggest using them. Secondly, I would suggest bringing a light-weight water proof/resistant jacket, because you never know when it is going to start to rain. Always be prepared!

If you find yourself in between spiro and the canyons be very careful because there have been sightings of a Bear! So if you are going to be running that section of the trail make sure to bring a bell and some bear spray, so in case of an accidental sighting you can be prepared and able to defend yourself.

Check out this site for helpful tips on bear attacks

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