Trail Update

July 4, 2011

Trail Updates


If you are on the Spiro Trail here’s what you can expect. Unlike a few days ago Spiro is completely dry all the way until you reach mid mountain. Also you can expect to find the trees that were downed to be gone thanks to the volunteers who cut them down. But other than that I would prepare for the heat because the trail is not that shaded, so make sure to bring water so you can relive yourself as you start overheating. Another thing that you might want to know is that there are a lot of bugs along the trail, so unless you like swatting bugs off of you I would strongly suggest some sort of bug repellent. As for shoes I would recommend something that has some descent traction, a good heel cup, and a good toe bumper. All of these things will make your run more enjoyable because if your climbing Spiro without traction and a good heel cup you won’t be getting up that hill comfortably because you won’t be getting the traction you need to climb and having your heel slip up and down can be very annoying and uncomfortable. So make sure you have a shoe that offers these things to make your run more successful!

Now if you are headed into round valley you will be greeted by dry trails so don’t worry about getting muddy or slipping around. One thing to always remember when running in round valley is to always bring water because there is limited to no shade for you to be under so you will be exposed to constant heat. So before you head out grab a handheld water bottle or get a small waist pack, but always remember to bring your water! As for shoe suggestions I would go with something that is breathable, has a good toe bumper and something that has good cushioning. In my opinion these traits will help make your run more enjoyable! If you have any questions on any other trails please leave a comment and I would be more than happy to help you!

Happy 4th of July! Have a nice day!

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