Mid Mountain Trail Update

June 20, 2011

Trail Updates

I went running along the Mid Mountain Trail yesterday and I thought that you might be interested in hearing about the trail conditions up there! First of all if you plan on starting from Spiro to get to the Mid Mountain Trail I would suggest that you bring a pair of shoes that have good traction so you can grip the mud and the occasional snow. When you start up Spiro you will find mud but it will be in small quantities, but it some areas you will find yourself slipping and sliding and trying to get good grip. But as you run further along the trail you will encounter some huge puddles that will span the entire trail, and in other areas you will find small puddles that can easily be avoided. Once you get about 3 miles in there is a group of downed trees covered in snow, this is only 1 out of the 14 downed trees that you will have to either climb over or go around. But other than the mud and downed trees the trail looks beautiful with all the newly green leaves and the big Pine Trees contouring the trail.When you reach the Mid Mountain Trail take a left and continue along the trail, along this trail you will encounter patches of snow, mud, downed trees, and huge puddles! But if you are looking to have fun this is the trail to run on!!

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2 Comments on “Mid Mountain Trail Update”

  1. lukeskiutah Says:

    Thanks for the update, after last night's MidWeekMTB Race I was staring up at PCMR wondering how far I could make it up Spiro and over to DVR. Hmmm, hand saw and grip'n shoes suggested.


  2. Trailrunner Says:

    Your welcome! I am glad it helped! Haha yeah:)


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