Park City Ultra Runners Group and ZBsports Running Group

May 26, 2011

Trail Updates

Are you a Ultra Runner but don’t have anyone to train with or have a structured plan to help you fulfill your dreams? Well wait no longer because I am excited to announce a running group that started on May 18th  called “Park City Ultrarunners.” They meet every Wednesday night at 6pm to run 10+miles, doesn’t that sound fun? For the next few weeks they will be meeting at Park City Ice Arena to run Round Valley, so if you are interested make sure to go join them! They are also meeting the first Saturday of the month at 7am to run 4-6 hours beginning in June, if you are serious about Ultra Running training I would Highly suggest joining them! Don’t worry if you just started they accept people of all ability levels, because the most important thing is just having fun! If this sounds like something that you would be interested in check them out on facebook by clicking here or if you don’t have a facebook contact them at So before you go out training for an Ultra by yourself make sure to stop into one of their sessions for the best running experience of your life!!

Not interested in Ultras? Then check out ZBsports weekly Marathon Training Group! They meet every Sunday at 7:30 am at ZBsports to run distances of 8+ miles. Led by locals Wendy Halliday (Marathoner) and Meghan Hicks (Ultra Marathoner) you don’t have to worry about a thing because they have it covered. This group mainly runs the roads but they do jump on the trails every once and a while! If you are interested in joining this group e-mail Wendy at or come into ZBsports located in Newpark next to Maxwells to sign up!! You can also find them on facebook too for updates and fun prizes!

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