Round Valley Update

April 27, 2011

Trail Updates

Round Valley Express

 For a few days there the trails were clear and free of snow, but thanks to the storms that have hit our town we now have muddy, wet, and snowy trails to run on.  During a run today from the Cove Trailhead I encountered huge puddles spanning the width of the trail from the very start. I took a right onto Round Valley Express and I immediately saw patches of sticky mud and puddles scattered all over and groaned. If you find yourself on Round Valley Express be ready to encounter mud, puddles, and run off water flowing down the trails. I would suggest either Gore-Tex shoes, or Drymax socks if you are going to be in Round Valley, you could also just use regular shoes and socks and have the inconvenience of soaking wet feet. Climbing higher into Round Valley you will encounter snow, be wary because the snow covers the puddles and when you go to stomp through it you will end up with your foot ankle deep. I learned this the hard way and made a mental note to avoid this situation. We all know that after the winter season the trails become muddy and everything is wet, so I strongly recommend caution during this time it can become very dangerous. For example today I went out on a run and I slipped down a hill and almost fell backwards onto my back because the mud was very slippery.

If you take the backside of Rambler (near Old Ranch Road) I would suggest that you take a different route. Today I went down this trail today and I didn’t know what I was in for. Little did I know that the whole trail is covered in mud, in the first 5 minutes my shoes were soaked from ankle deep puddles. The mud was slippery and very dangerous I had to take it very slow to avoid slipping. This trail is on the side of the mountain and is the area that the melt-water takes, the whole trail becomes a small river and that’s why there there is so much mud and puddles. After awhile of descending this trail I became tired from all the struggling from the mud, this is another danger because soon after I got tired I began catching my toe on rocks, I had so many close calls that I resorted to walking to get some energy. So overall if you are out in Round Valley be prepared to expect mud, snow, and lots and lots of water. Be careful and have fun! Happy Trails!

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