Salomon S-LAB 3 XT Wings Review

April 17, 2011

Salomon, Trail Shoes

Ever wondered what it was like to run in a athlete specific shoe? Dream no more because Salomon has finally released the S-LAB 3 XT Wings! Designed with direct input from the worlds greatest athletes this shoe is a light 310 grams and has some great features! Unlike the other shoes in the XT series this shoe has a smaller quicklace which is meant for easy tightening and loosening. If your foot wiggled around in your old shoe you will love this feature. With sensifit technology it goes to work at cradling your foot to create a more precise and secure fit.

The new contagrip provides the perfect blend of grip and durability to cover a rarity of different terrains at high speeds. The outsole is designed with specifically placed forefoot flex grooves, multi-directional  lugs, and defined toe off and braking lugs. Whatever terrain you decide you tackle these shoes will bring you through it! Now every once and awhile when you are out running you will end up smacking your toe into a rock or some other debris, but don’t worry because these shoes have a built in toe guard which will protect your toes. Unlike other shoes on the market the Salomon XT series are equipped with the Agile Chassis System, which delivers great cushioning for high speed trail running, the Agile Chassis System also supports the midsole and outsole with an extra layer of impact displacement, this provides better energy return upon impact and a more efficient heel to toe roll for greater speed and reduced fatigue. Another great thing about the Salomon shoes is that they have the AC Muscle 2 feature, this provides great cushioning for even the longest runs.

Most trail shoes are very stiff and are hard to flex, but these shoes flex great and are not as stiff as most. My road running mom who is converting trail running commented to me while running today that the shoes were easier to flex than most of her trail shoes. She also thought that stiffer shoes lead to tripping (based on experience) and she thought that these shoes would decrease that possibility. When on the trail there is the possibility that you will come across mud, don’t worry about getting your feet wet and dirty because this shoe has a built in mud guard which is a protective material all around the base of the shoe. If you are looking for a light-weight shoe that is capable of tackling all types of terrain click this link and enjoy running like the worlds best athletes!

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