Drymax Socks Test Run

April 8, 2011

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When out and about on the trail wet feet are a runners worst enemy.  We all know it is unavoidable when you come to a river crossing or if you are out when it rains but there is something you can do to keep your feet dry. Gore-Tex shoes do repel water but when you step ankle deep into a puddle or a stream the water is unable to come out leaving you with one wet foot. The best solution to this problem is to get a pair of Drymax Socks. With the dual layer technology the inner layer-which is Super Hydrophobic (moisture hating)-quickly goes to work at repelling the water away from your skin to the moisture attracting outer layer. The means that when you step in a puddle your foot will feel wet for a few moments but you will soon feel the inner layer repelling the water to the outer layer leaving your foot dryer than if you have a normal sock. The other day I went on a test run with these socks and I was really surprised. The first thing I came upon was a huge puddle right in the middle of the single-track, as I went through I felt the moisture touching my feet but as soon as I was on the dry single-track I felt the water quickly leaving my socks. I remembered back to one of my other runs a few days before on this same trail (without Drymax Socks) and I remember that my socks were completely soaked and the wetness did not go away until I took off my socks at the finish. I wrote down a mental note in my head that socks worked great when I encountered a large puddle. Put the test was just getting started and I had more areas where I would push these socks to the limits. After resuming my after the puddle test I quickly made my way up the switchbacks on the backside of the mountain when I encountered a trail completely covered in 3inches of freezing melt water.

Melt Water flowing down the trail

When I saw this I had a feeling that the socks would get soaked but boy was I wrong! I quickly made my way up the trail and felt the water seeping into my shoes and socks. This melt water trail continued for about a half-mile until the dry single-track re-appeared. My shoes were soaked and my socks felt wet, but after a few minutes on the dry trail I felt the water quickly leaving my socks. I actually stopped and looked down at my feet and gazed in amazement because I was really impressed by these socks abilities. After about a half-mile or so I felt the coldness of the water clinging to the outer layer but my feet were actually dry with little wetness. I continued up the trail once again and came upon a dry trail, I literally jumped for joy and took off as fast as I could. Medium puddles were scattered throughout the trail but I didn’t worry about them because I knew that no matter what I went through in these socks that my feet would be dry. I finished the run in flying colors and I decided that I would agree with what they said about their socks ” The #1 sock to keep your feet dry.” I got home and I took of my soaking wet shoes and felt my socks. The outside was wet but when I put my hand into the sock I couldn’t believe what I was feeling, they were dryer than the outside and it wasn’t all that wet at all! I just thought to myself, “these socks are the best I have ever worn” and then I went and dried them out so they would be ready for the next day. I also thought about some other factors besides keeping the feet dry, I found that they were more comfortable than any other sock be I had run in and that they were the best at keeping dirt and trail debris out of my sock thanks to the Shoe Seal around the ankle which is tighter so it is harder for trail debris to find its way in and bother your foot. Another feature that I thought was great was the extra protection feature, they doubled up the fabric near your ankle so that if you ever kick your ankle when running you won’t bloody yourself. They also had a great fit because of the Arch Band which is tight stitching around the arch to hold your foot in place, because most of my socks get all twisted and I have to end up stopping and fixing them but this was not the case with these socks. Overall these socks are the best for the keeping your feet dry and comfortable. If you are interested in trying these great socks go to drymaxsocks.comand you will have the best experience of your life!

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6 Comments on “Drymax Socks Test Run”

  1. Jadon Says:

    I would love a pair of drymax socks!!!


  2. PcTrailRunner Says:

    Don't we all? 😉


  3. Wendy Says:

    They sound amazing. I use a wool sock (unmentionable name) because I love them and wear them even in the Summer months. However, I am willing to try a pair of DryMax since my last run was in the snow and puddles and my feet were freezing wet! Thanks for the information– where can they be purchased???


  4. madelyn4raw Says:

    can't wait to try mine out!!! Thanks Nick!


  5. Trailrunner Says:

    They can be purchased on Road Runner Sports! Madelyn I hope you like them


  6. pcweeklyruns Says:

    Year later since your post and I have been wearing the DryMax Max for those wet and cold Winter trail running. What an incredible difference. My feet feel dry when I get home to take off my snowy wet trail shoes. These socks are a must have in every trail runners basket of goodies..


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