March 21, 2011

Trail Updates

Welcome to PC Trail Runner! This site was inspired one blistery day when I was out skiing and that’s when I began thinking of all the times my family was asked where some of Park City’s trails were located. I thought about my families increased knowledge and experience with the local trails and I decided it would be a good idea to create a site that not only helps locals find trails but it also helps tourists too. Every Monday of each month viewers will post what they think is the best trail. At the end of the week I will randomly pick a name and I will submit the trail under the “Trail of the Month” page. If you are picked you will receive a small prize, it might be a trail map, it might be a hat who knows you better enter and find out! In addition to this I have created a page where you can find places to trail run, hike, and walk. They will be sorted into different categories from beginner, intermediate, and advanced so that you will be able to find a trail that is suited to your level. If you are a person who just wants get involved in these activities I have put together a page that offers some helpful information on where to find shoes and other hiking/running/walking related items. If you need help on deciding on a pair of shoes or just don’t know what to get e-mail me at nick@pctrailrunner.com and I will offer some suggestions that will help make the purchasing of shoes much easier. During the year I will post many things about upcoming races, fun places to run, exciting events and much more. Stickers will be available soon so if you are interested e-mail and I will see what I can do! Now enjoy those trails and have a great day!

Stay Updated!

Stay updated on everything you need to know about trails!

One Comment on “Welcome!”

  1. Alex Stoy Says:

    Saw the sticker on a truck the other day….We are putting on a weekly ultra runners group meeting every Wednesday night at 6pm to run 10+miles. We are meeting for the next few weeks at the Park City Ice Arena to run Round Valley.We are also meeting the first Saturday of the month at 7am to run 4-6 hours beginning in June. Meeting place to be announced.If you would like to join or help spread the word tha towuld be great! You can find us on Facebook at Park City Ultrarunners.Cheers! Alex Stoy


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